mercredi 28 septembre 2016

About me and my country!

My name is Ayoub, I'm 14 years old, I live on Tangier, Morrocco which is in the north of the country. I was born in Marrakech, a beautiful city. I have 1 little sister named Joud who is 8 years old and a little brother named Yahya who's 11 years old.
I love playing soccer with my friends and go out sometimes on my bike with my mates but the thing that I prefer doing is to play video games, espacially League of Legends anf Fifa. It helps me to forget about my routine and school problems, By the way I'm not very bad at school but I don't really like it.

I'm very proud about my country and my city Marrakech. Morrocco is a very beautiful country with amazing beaches, mountains, forest and it has a view on the Antlantic ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Also people are very kind , but I'd like some points to change in my country:

-More areas for youth
-Better Internet connection
-Better common tranport
-More green areas
-Better public hospitals

Here's morrocco in a map :

And here's a picture of my city Marrakech:

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  1. Hi my name is Bailey. Your city looks very beautiful i'm glad you shared that picture on your blog. Unlike you I'm the youngest sibling in my family I have 3 older sisters. I see you play soccer, I love to play sports as well I play volleyball and basketball. I think it's awesome that video games are your stress reliever. What is you favorite video game to play?

    1. Thank you for commenting my blog, my favorite video game to play is League of Legends, it's the most played game around the world and it's very interesting! And I checked your blog, It's very interesting and your description of humboldt country too, it sounds amazing to live there. I'd love to go and visit it someday, who knows? I really like your traditions and how much your family counts for you and how important it's for you, my family is extremely important for me too but unfortunatly they all live too far from tangier.

    2. Awe that's too bad I know how much my family means to me. Where does your family live? I actually am going on a trip with my schools travel club and we might end up in Tangier one day. Humboldt County is a great place to live and Tangier looks pretty great too I'm really excited to get to know you and your classmates better!

    3. Thanks for your answer, my family lives in marrakech in the south of the country and some cousins live in France, Spain and germany.

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