samedi 11 février 2017

My favorite series of all time!

My favorite series is definitelly "Malcolm in the middle" or only "malcolm" if you want. It has 7 seasons and 151 episodes, it has won a lot of prices like a peabody award, seven Emmy awards, one Grammy award and seven Golden Globe nominations. The series speaks about a strange american family of six at the start of the series and then seven, the characters are "Malcolm", his brother "Francis", the second one "Reese" and the last one "Dewey", their parents are named "Lois" for the mother and "Hal" for the father which is interpreted by "Bryan Cranston" who has the main role in the magnific series "Breaking Bad" and that's why he's my favorite actor. Malcolm is a "genius" but he's the only one in his family, Lois is a very athoritarian mother, Hal is an immature but loving father, Francis went to military school because of his repeated foolery, Reese isn't very intelligent and Dewey is very innocent but he's my favorite character because he's very funny and makes me laugh a lot. I really encourage you to go and watch the series because I've been watching it since I was 8 and I still love it a lot, it's a very funny series, the characters are awesome and I'm sure that you'll like it.